Could you possibly elaborate a bit on Albus' drinking problem? I have a feeling it started before the events of the fic take place. Do you think he's (consciously) aware of what he does?

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If Albus thought his drinking were a problem, I think he would stop. He thinks he’s in control, that it’s just a habit of little harm. He lives on the edge of vices—he’ll sojourn on the dark side but won’t buy a vacation home. There’s plenty of stuff that he’s done just for kicks. I think Albus is more addicted to getting away with drinking than drinking itself. But one eventually leads to the other.

I feel gravely offended by the fact that I have been unable to indulge reading your fic and on my latent girl-crush on Clemence for quite a long while now. JK, I read that you're having lots of writing assignments. I love your OCs, the way you describe people, your dialogues and your word-choices. I'm a non-native English speaker and I swear I've learnt more words from your fics than from my class assignments. Hopefully you'll find the time to delight us with another chapter soon c:

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Thanks! c: For your sake, I hope I’m using all those big words correctly (I have my own vocabulary of mis-learned words; I add to it every time I use a big word and people look at me funny).

I’ll be in the workshop until the end of the quarter, unfortunately, and all the things that come with the end of the school year (graduation! moving house!). But I am still hovering around here (with unanswered inbox questions, sorry anons), very anxious to get back to this!


good news: my writing workshop is essentially a world-building class *u* also my prof seems really nice and cool!!

bad news: the first assignment is a 7500-10000 short story draft, due in a week lol. there are three of these.

sooooooo all fic stuff is going on hiatus

I am hoping to see Clemence break down. Like really broken and not so put together. Everyone will agree when I say she's a strong smart character but I also hope we see her weak, beaten and lost. :) And PLEASE update soon Gina!!! <3

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Oooh you sadist. She is kind of weak, beaten, and lost for a lot of these past chapters, but she doesn’t show it with a very emotional response. She can’t cry, or so she says, but she does have panic attacks that she still denies.

But there is a lot of lost Clemence coming up! :D Things are going up in flames soon.


This is the correct face to make when being told you’re a heinous bitch.

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etc. etc. Dominique's parchment and boggart?

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describe your favorite class and elective

Dom’s an ace at Defense Against the Dark Arts—she’s got the aggression of a Beater for sure, and the quick reflexes of any good Quidditch player. Defensive spellwork comes naturally to her. The easiness of the class makes up for Professor Breech’s screeching.

She’s a top student in her core classes but rather lacking in her electives. She isn’t a fan of any of them, wizarding or muggle-related. She prefers to split her time between Witchy Business and the Quidditch pitch.

describe an irrational fear

Centaurs—and she feels really bad about it because she’s a strong advocate for creature rights. It’s a bit of an uncanny valley for her—the human-but-not-human quality. Plus they’re tall, stompy and she doesn’t understand why she hasn’t seen a female one yet, even though they’re supposed to exist.

Al once bet her to fetch a Quaffle from the forest, and the Gryffindor team was waiting in there with horse masks (technically dressing up as the opposite of centaurs, but when you’re ambushed by five of these in the shadows, you don’t really stop to make the distinction). She clubbed two of them on sight and ran screaming straight into a mud pool. She didn’t speak to Al for a month after that.

Logan Lerman shot by Robbie Fimmano.

Albus (etc) amortentia, portrait and rememberall! :-D

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what traits do you find most attractive?

I answered once about what Albus finds most attractive about Clemence c: which is the way she speaks, with her eloquence and confidence. Like Clemence, he’s attracted to a bit of intrigue and thrill. He’s naturally drawn to a person’s potential; I think he idealizes the futures of many people, not just Clemence. He likes witnessing growth, as if it’s his own little discovery. He gets off on it like solving a mystery.

who is your favorite permanent Hogwarts resident?

Like many Gryffindors, he’s a good friend of Nearly Headless Nick. The ghost is a good listener, but also a very good storyteller. Especially during Albus’ early years at Hogwarts, where Albus would frequently request stories about his father’s years there. It ingrained in him a nostalgia for an earlier time.

describe a memory you’d rather forget

Not quite answering the question, but this might come up in the story: Albus is pretty good at forgetting memories. He might even forget them immediately if they involve alcohol. He is, at the very least, almost not a virgin before the lake bit. I can’t say more than that.

Of what he actually remembers: his first trip to Diagon Alley was ruined by a stampede of camera-wielding reporters chasing after James, the first Potter child to enter Hogwarts. Albus got blinded, knocked down and skinned his knee. The whole incident reaffirmed his fear of stampedes and reporters. I like to think he got really good at running after that.


rubber duck - appy

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what is a concept or trend you don’t understand?

Appy doesn’t understand why anyone would wear heels. She’s a flats girl—and clumsy enough with those. She’d put an eye out in stilettos. According to her, if you need stilettos to grab attention, you ought to take a good long look at yourself instead.

(Obviously, heels are only for impressing boys and an indication of low moral values. If heels were meant to be worn, she’d be able to balance in them.)

"You can wipe your feet on me, twist my motives around all you like, you can dump millstones on my head and drown me in the river, but you can’t get me out of the story. I’m the plot, babe, and don’t ever forget it."
- Margaret Atwood, “Unpopular Gals,” from Good Bones

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invisibility cloak - clemence

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Clemence is almost always sneaking around Hogwarts after hours—clandestine meetings, trips to the newsroom, late nights in the Speak Easy. She made an agreement with prefects two years ago (which still stands as she’s made sure this agreement has trickled down) so she’s able to walk the halls freely. The last time she snuck out out is that night on the lake with Pickett, Albus, and Scorpius; and before that, a trip to the forest to placate some stompy centaurs who read WB and get very uppity about magical creature representation in Hogwarts publications (they haven’t quite grasped it’s an unaffiliated gossip newsletter). The day before, an old wiped copy of WB stomped with a rather threatening set of hoofprints was sent along with her mail.

Horcrux + Albus Severus? *u*

- trinocence

describe a prized possession

I see Albus as someone of few possessions, but being a creature of habit, places a high level of importance on what he does have (like Muggie the Muggle Mug, which we haven’t seen the last of). Something he keeps for the sake of keeping—one of his father’s wands. Harry goes through a lot in his field, and when he was young, Albus swiped a repaired one that Harry wouldn’t miss (I’m sure Harry knew but didn’t say anything, like James and the Marauder’s Map). It was before Albus got his own wand and he wanted to prove himself, the way children do. But he keeps the wand even after he gets his own. He spends a summer fascinated by wandlore, makes a goal out of changing the wand’s allegiance and mastering it but never comes close to succeeding. He still tries, sometimes, and the wand’s grown used to him, especially as he begins to adopt his father’s traits, both physically and in more rash, emotion-based spellwork.

hp ask meme~

mirror: how have your goals changed since 5 years ago?
horcrux: describe a prized possession
rubber duck: what is a concept or trend you don’t understand?
parchment: describe your favorite class and elective
gobstone: what Hogwarts club do you belong in?
time-turner: who would be your time-travel buddy?
portkey: what country do you want to visit?
amortentia: what traits do you find most attractive?
chocolate frog: which famous figure do you want to meet?
portrait: who is your favorite permanent Hogwarts resident (portrait, ghost, etc)?
invisibility cloak: when and why did you last sneak out?
pensieve: describe a memory you like to revisit
remembrall: describe a memory you’d rather forget
marauder’s map: what is your favorite Hogwarts location?
vanishing cabinet:
where do you go when you’re upset?
treacle: describe a favorite meal
boggart: describe an irrational fear
wand: what would you be doing in the Battle of Hogwarts?

omg when are you going to update?! we're dying hereee

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I’ve been on break for the past week so I haven’t worked on it much (generally I work very little during breaks b/c i… actually take a break; also 50% of break time is spent meeting friends at boba tea shops). Soooo I don’t have an estimate but I am currently getting back into the groove of things.