About that update? Any time now...

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uuuuuuuugh I knowwww, it’s always on my mind but it’s very easy to pass a day without writing more of it. I’m still going! :(


The first time
he looked at her
he felt:

everything will burn

- Anaïs Nin

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I’ve realised that, no matter where you are or who you are with. I will always, truly, completely love you.

Love Rosie (2014)

Pre-infamous lake chapter au where drunk Al and Scorpius gOT IT ONNNN yes hello I am a big fan of your work

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AU? ;) how kidding am i ha ha ha

All I’m saying is there’s a backstory related to this:

"I… um, learned to brew it." I can’t tell if his expression is one of mild disgust or extreme nervousness. "The antidote, not Amortentia. I mean, I learned that too because of Potions but I haven’t ever used it—or even thought about it! I mean, er—oh, here it is!"

and that Scorpius tells exactly one lie in that passage.

If I don’t get to explaining it in story, remind me later 8D I’ll give you that pre-infamous lake scene.

so i just reread your three major fanfics [game; etc. etc. (and life goes on); and and capers ensue], and i'm just squealing from all the adorableness in there. <33 please update etc./play soon? D':

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forever trying to update ;A; I am also currently doing short pieces at hpedit with Julia because they don’t require long-term commitment, so that’s where all my interim writing is going.

omggggg i cannot believe you are writing OF im so excited i read and capers ensue and honestly it was so PERFECT like it was so perfectly structured some of the best hpfic ive ever read and i was like damn this girl needs to write a real book!! proud of u!! ok bye this is getting soppy and weird sorry ok bye

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:3 thank you, anon! <333

plottwistandshout said: plot twist: Albus was a virgin, is still a virgin, eternally virgin, entire infamous lake chapter was in fact Clemence hallucinating

i plot twist your plot twist and shout: Albus doesn’t exist. Harry never won the war, never married Ginny, and never had chlidren. Clemence is Voldemort’s daughter. The entire story is happening in her snow globe.

But the real question is whether Albus was a virgin too at the time of the infamous lake chapter

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Something I will leave to eternal speculation ;)

how do you make your edits? what do you use?

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I just use Photoshop! I have a tutorial on some of my techniques here; if you’re getting started on graphics, The Dark Arts forum is a great resource :)

wand: clemence, al, appy, pickett, dom, scorpius (everyone eheheh)

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I NEVER FINISHED ANSWERING THESE i will have to punish myself most grievously by smashing my head into a set of drawers. This one was the most fun too. I think question was, what would they be doing in the battle of Hogwarts.

Clemence would not miss the action for anything at first—pure curiosity and rubbernecking at the frays—until she sees her first dead body and the adrenaline leaves her and she’s sick to her stomach and runs straight for the dungeons.

But! Where are Dom and Pickett? They’re caught unawares, stuck outside where the fighting is, and end up staying to protect their housemates. Clemence can’t bring herself to go back without them, but isn’t courageous or reckless enough to go outside.

Thank god for Gryffindors. Albus is knocking out Death Eaters by the dozen in the Great Hall. Unfortunately, that makes him a bit of a target. He’s nearly hit with a hex when Clemence leaves her hiding place and counters it just in time.

then this bamf doodle becomes relevant again:


They’re surrounded but they match each curse with a counter-curse. Until one that Clemence spots at the corner of her eye, flying toward Albus. She shouts, extends her wand, and… counters it just in time.

But she doesn’t block the curse aimed at her.

She crumples. Albus disarms two distracted Death Eaters, picks her up in his arms, covers himself with a cloak, and runs behind a fallen pillar. She’s slashed across the middle, delirious from blood loss.

They’re able to hide until the battle is over. Albus has staunched her bleeding somewhat. When she comes to, she only mumbles, “Where’s Dom and Pickett?”

Albus who has been holding her hand, pressing down on her wounds, and watching the outside for the hours inbetween, only says, “I’m sorry.” because i am terrible and depressing

Oh, and Scorpius dies, too. He trips over some rubble going down the stairs. Head injuries are serious without immediate healer attention!

p.p.s. the battle of hogwarts is won when an horde of quirkers who think voldemort just needs true love to redeem his evil ways and is really good (and hot, more importantly) at heart mob him. They steal the elder wand (as a keepsake/trinket but you know, same effect) and that turns the tide.

I love your page thingy (you know, the one that says 'turn to page'). I really hope you get to 394 pages of your blog, because then it will say 'turn to page 394'. One another note, I absolutely ADORE etc. In your OF, are you going to have Pickett and Dom based characters, or would that be too close to your HP fic?

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omg that would require 5910 posts (or 394 posts, I suppose, if I put one post per page). I don’t have that many posts in all of my tumblrs combined.

I think nearly all of the characters from etc the fic will make it into the OF! Definitely Pickett and Dom who both get upgraded roles. I want to explore Dom’s ambitions more, how she fulfills Clemence’s reputation better than Clemence. Pickett will more clearly be a subversion of the sidekick trope (he’s also Latino, more sidekick-subversion there). I’d also like to explore the three of them as a trio more, too.

If you still haven't come up with a name for OF!Albus, what about Aaron? Aaron Adler. (Aaron means Lofty, Exalted, or High Mountain.)

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omg the amount of A’s in his name, APPY WOULD GO NUTS. The name Aaron is forever tainted to me b/c of Aaron Carter, unfortunately. I don’t put that much stock into name meanings (especially for very common names); mostly they have to just feel right to me, and then I can bs anything to justify using it 8D I love Violet for the potential alliteration (violent, vile, villainous Violet; plus the unintentional blending with Marigold). Albus’ new name will likely be a very obvious allusion to something else because I’m not one for subtlety. At this rate his name is Noah because I can’t be arsed to think of something else, and this is what ends up happening :D

You should check out all the photos Tyler Shields took of Jenna Ushkowitz. Some of them are in fact pictures Violet and OF!Albus.

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I think I’ve seen them before! Tyler Shields is kind of sleazy though, so I stay away from his photos. Also Jenna is Korean, not Chinese :(

Are you ever going to update doll?? Cause I miss reading ur ever so cynical clem clem and appys glitters!!

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I will! I’m just everywhere at the moment. Graduating soon + two final projects + handing off the reins on all my uni things. Got my housing settled at least, so I’m not homeless for the next year.

Top 5 (or 10 bc m greedy heee) etc quotes? :)

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I actually do keep a list of quotes to make into graphics haaaa I am prepared for this question.

  • “‘We both know you like me better when I’m bad.’”
     - yes we do, albus. yes we do.
  • ”[…] we fumbled through the small acts of intimacy. Limbs were snared, teeth were bared. But intimacy, I’ve discovered, is two-thirds routine.”
     - i just like rhyme
  • "There is a misconception that cynics don’t believe in love, but we know when it’s not worth the gain, when we see endings clearer than beginnings, and why must we be framed as afraid of hurt? Few true love stories come from taking risks, and they are all with people better than myself."
     - my “broken cynic” stereotype throwdown, a bit wordy for my current taste, but the point is there.
  • “‘Do not start treating me like a delicate little flower you plucked.’"
     - i can hear that word hiss off her tongue, i love it. she’s so scathing for the entire two paragraphs after too.
  • ”’[I’m] not insecure or damaged, so don’t come tearing down my walls; I just decorated them.’”
     - ch 17 is my favorite chapter, and I think a lot of other people’s fav too. it was a magical chapter, clemence was on a roll
  • "You were always so good at denial and hypocrisy dressed up as wisdom"
  • "Our lips brush in a kiss that should be brief, but we draw in each other’s breath, a fearful need like fusing shrapnel, and it hurts to part."
     - this might be my favorite kiss??? i like the word shrapnel. it looks like a word that shouldn’t exist. like… a word made of shrapnel.
  • "And wouldn’t Albus love it if he could kill two birds on one throne?"
     - I GOOGLED IT, AND I AM SO SURPRISED NO ONE HAS WRITTEN “KILL TWO BIRDS ON ONE THRONE” BEFORE. i claim it as mine. this wordplay is so me it hurts.
  • "The euphorically deranged expression on her face is one that I can only describe as a pyromaniac stumbling upon a match factory next to an explosives warehouse. Doused in kerosine. The pyromaniac also happens to be a Hungarian Horntail."
     - also wordy, but probably my favorite description of Appy ever
  • “‘I know the consequences of being who I am. Do you?’”
     - SNAP SNAP

Bonus: “Zzzloop.” - that’s the sound of the zipper in chapter 17. I spent 10 minutes zipping up my jacket to figure out how to put that sound to syllables. I am so very proud of that zzzloop.

* OH AND ALSO THE QUOTE ABOUT BOYS AND PEDESTAL…ING but i just assumed that was a given for some reason. i super adore that quote.