I'll continue to hold torch for this fanfic even if I die. I can wait, I have been waiting.. but I swear if Albus and Clemence break up I'll cry so much i'll die.. i mean its sort of a huge possibility but you know i just want them to be that weird couple. I just want to ask, will we ever see a scene where clemence meets lily and james? Or ginny and harry i mean she's related to "Aunt Rita" i wonder how they'll react.. also her mom. Wanna know more bout her mom.

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That last excerpt is definitely related to the possibility of Clemence and Albus working out, so you can make your guesses off that 8D I also recall saying when I finished the last chapter, that I think many of you would rather if I stopped right there, at the happily ever after. Because this next chapter is all about what happens after the happily ever after, and it is going to hurrrrrrt.

I have considered many scenarios with them together and them broken up, and even if they were broken up, I can almost assure you they’d end up hooking up again at some point. So Potter family fun? Definitely on the table. Clemence’s mom? Not so much.

I think Clemence would be really awkward amongst family because she doesn’t have one, and she’s actually pretty shy in new places. You see her confident in Hogwarts because she’s used to it, she knows every corner of it, every person walking the halls, but Clemence in the real world sputters on her first steps. She doesn’t have an information bank to rely on. So she builds it, quietly at first; that’s all well and nice with strangers but with people who are actually trying to befriend her, she just comes off as shy.

And when talking to people who have actually met her Aunt Rita? She’s just embarrassed.

secretly hoping that excerpt is clickett ;)

- Anonymous

oh no, clickett is much more heartbreaking :D

(was it always a ship or did I convince you with sam/lily cuteness? I would milk the love triangle suspense, but I kind of hate suspense built on love triangles, though I also hope this triangle is kind of legit?? I mostly like it bc Clemence and Pickett don’t have a creepy pining thing going on, and the nice friend isn’t the one in the preexisting relationship. I just wish Pickett was developed better and he will be in OF; if etc went on longer I would explore more, like his pansexuality heeeey scorpick peeps—lbr everyone else is just Pickettsexual)


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but i am here, i am writing, ask me stuff if you want, next chapter’s is uh, definitely going to be interesting. it doesn’t sound shocking to me because I have been wallowing in these notes for what feels like years, but I am sure there will be shocks galore~~ i can’t wait to piss people off they’ll be like i waited 32049385 years for this??

"The muffled world is fading in; somewhere, a faucet drips. For the moment however, we are alone from even the little intrusions. Whatever lives we hold outside this room don’t exist. There is no past to mar us, no future to doubt. Here, with only each other to want, we kiss and kiss until it could fill a language. Here, we make sense."
- a small preview because I am still terrible at updating

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you think it’s that hard to see through you?

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Hello. I love etc. etc. (and life goes on). I cannot wait for the next update - assuming you do update it. Last night I found all this, and have seen that you are (possibly/trying to/going to/being-amazing-at) writing the same-ish story as Original Fiction (which totally deserves capitals), and you might not ever finish etc. itself. Which makes me sad, but the real world needs more stories like yours (in my opinion), so whatever you do, PLEASE CONTINUE WRITING SOMETHING.

- Anonymous

I’m definitely gonna finish etc itself! c: I imagined that I might not back then because I had a lot more that was going to happen in the story, but I decided to shrink down the scope and finish it that way. So there will be some plotlines I never wrap up, but I will finish the story sloooowly but surely!

For me, being able to be vulnerable is difficult, but it’s just something that I feel comfortable doing. I need to fully understand why, the thought-process behind the character and I have to believe it. That comes from a lot of preparation. 

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"I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof."
- Sherlock, A Scandal in Belgravia

writing convos for the late night crowd




: actual questions i ask myself: how much smut can i put in my story before it stops sounding relevant

: sometimes i want to start a writing twitter lol
: i feel like my etc adventures would be a goldmine
: like how i am still on the same sentence as three hours ago

: clemence and pickett making acababies

: i’m in love with albus again lol that fucker

Top five favourite things about the characters in etc etc.

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oh my god this was still buried in my drafts D:

I feel like I’ve essayed about everything I love about the characters at some point or another—

  1. Clemence’s morality. She’s hyperaware of society’s rules, how they favor the selfish. Intent is her crime, consciously taking advantage of a system that everyone else takes advantage of blindly. But she knows what it means to be good better than anyone else, she knows how hard it is, how little impact it makes. She chooses to be cruel because she does not believe the world is worth her goodness.
  2. Appy as the Disney Channel Heroine-esque villain. SHE IS SO SATISFYING TO WRITE this being one of the reasons. Kiddie sitcoms of my era taught pretty shitty stereotypes and life lessons. The protagonist is can be hypocritical and entitled and never called out for it, nor do they face real consequences, and revenge is justified/played for laughs more often than not. They’re just well-intentioned, but their intentions could pave the whole road to hell.
  3. Pickett acting dumb. It is very intentional. He is surrounded by people who think they’re the smartest one in the room, and he will gladly let them believe it, because why not? He has nothing to prove. Let them be happier, feel smarter, and at the same time, he’ll make them laugh. He sobers up quickly when it matters.
  4. How Albus pulls off being ridiculously, ridiculously hot ALSO very fun to write. The way I write him is so deceptive because I want him to be repulsive yet so appealing that you don’t care. He’s sort of a male femme fatale, playing to what Clemence wants. What’s your poison—the gentleman, the rogue, the gentleman-gone-rogue? He can be all of that. He’ll be chivalrous and manipulative in the same sentence, mysterious and heart-on-sleeve-concerned in the next. He’s the consummate love interest, unreadable, and is just earnest enough to make you want to forgive him.
  5. That Dom doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. She may be unyielding and unreasonable but she is clear-cut about it because she knows exactly what she wants, which is more than what the others can say.  And she’s usually right about stuff most of the time, but she’s right in this gratingly blunt way or twisted way that makes her seem self-serving—which she is, but so is everyone else in the story.

we all knew this was coming: C L I C K E T T

- elfwritings


i can always count on you

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ALBHSU (ALBUSH?) that’s a new one. I am still awake! so here you go c:

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Ellen Page photographed by Inez and Vinoodh for The New Royals on the cover of W Magazine, October 2014.

Ellen Page photographed by Inez and Vinoodh for The New Royals on the cover of W Magazine, October 2014.

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